models Fundamentals Explained

“Prime-down” money product of Small business Unit-degree general performance of the professional lender with two big traces of business, based upon A few world-wide assumptions

Contextual Marketing / Behavioral Marketing -- freeware developers who bundle adware with their products. As an example, a browser extension that automates authentication and variety fill-ins, also delivers promotion backlinks or pop-ups given that the user surfs the web. Contextual advertisers can sell qualified advertising and marketing depending on somebody consumer's surfing exercise.

simulation - the act of imitating the behavior of some predicament or some system by means of anything suitably analogous (specifically for the purpose of analyze or personnel education)

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artistic development, inventive manufacturing, art - the creation of stunning or substantial items; "art will not should be revolutionary for being excellent"; "I used to be hardly ever any good at art"; "he said that architecture is the art of wasting Room fantastically"

License -- the sale of a product that requires only the transfer of use rights to the buyer, in accordance that has a “phrases of use” agreement. Possession legal rights get more info remain with the manufacturer (e.g., with software licensing).

เป็นต้นแบบแบบจำลองทำให้เป็นแบบอย่างนางแบบ นายแบบ

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A purely aim ENSO chance forecast, depending on regression, utilizing as input the product predictions from the plume of dynamical and statistical forecasts proven while in the ENSO Predictions Plume.

From the most basic sense, a company model is the strategy of executing business by which a business can maintain itself -- that is certainly, deliver more info revenue. The organization product spells-out how a corporation tends click here to make funds by specifying the place it is actually positioned in the value chain.

Model calculates loan originations for every of four specific borrower profiles, and Funds Flows generated from Desire Cash flow and secondary marketplace gross sales

pacemaker, pacesetter - a number one occasion in its field; "The brand new plan will be a pacesetter in Local community relations"

She spreads her legs and we see her rubbing herself through the slim cloth of her underwear, then pulling it aside to finger herself - we Notice straight away how.... more

product - make a illustration or product of; "The pilots are qualified in ailments simulating significant-altitude flights"

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